Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Government Grants

One ad vent ures to add that the Standard International or S.I. unit for work is the joule that is physicality, which comes with an assurance in the product of force and distance,and I assure you work is not just or for, to buy a box of jewels. That Income - Expenses = Disposable Income. That becomes to some capital to invest. To those on welfare the rule applies the same for them as it does for the rich in the monetary distribution system. Make 100 and spend 101 and your in trouble sometime in future, expect the bailiff to coma a knocking to knock off some assets. Minimum working wage is supposed to cover the cost of living. Isn't that a form of slavery? So I live on welfare, a proverbial dole bludger budgie smuggler on the ledger books, thank you worker bees for your 1c per per year investment in my personal welfare. I work 364.25 DAYS OF 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 4.1 seconds like you do and not for monetary gain, but to understand what the misogynistic, androgyny of an expression is going on beneath the Crowns and their Parliaments.
You as a worker in the hive hold behind you a visual come verbal enterprise. One that the vast majority have yet to ever begin to try to understand. You well may lay claim to a government grant in the form of a paycheck for services rendered to it. That means you are a Worker Of Government otherwise in the past referred too pejoratively as a WOG. That is me too after the event is the fact and the fact is that their is them and us. Those employed and those not employed by government or free enterprise, but regardless all pay or are supposed to pay tax to the government. We have established the fact and we have rendered the payment of the bill and we have rendered the accounts for payment by parties whom work has been done for by filling in the blank spaces truthfully. Patiently we wait for party of the second part to pay so we can pay partner of the first with whom we formed an agreement of contract of exchanges. Same for me same for you? No! Not when there is inequality of pay between falsely so called social classes made by the whatever pay is earned that is then passed on as a cost of doing business to decrease payment of tax dear,dillar dollars scholars scalded. That cost adds to the cost of the goods produced that can only be afforded by the ones who receive at least four times more than a person on welfare at least here in Australia. The scientific methodology suggests an experiment to prove a hypothesis and the experiment this theorist suggests is to try living without the goods and services one has spent ones entire life working to purchase.
Sincerely DOUBTING Thomas there is such a state as doubt?
For such a state to exist negates ones faith AS SO CORRUPT!
There is doubt, no doubt as there is faith, no faith all ABOUT.
I am at the present instant in time I can be no where but abrupt.
THUS here, IS an abstraction of absurd consequences reasonable?
There is ontological, cosmological teleological assumption's proof.
In layman's terms before, during and after on raft's willing and able
Of each and every event that has ever occurred in fact over reproof.
Within domain's show+TELL of "UNKNOWN CONSEQUENCES"
Reason for shows existence is to tell the "UNKNOWN" PLAYERS.
Lets call show+TELL "Unbelievable Truth" WELL SEQUENCES?
Premise of show+TELL mixture of lies + truths BUYERS SELLERS.
The objective of participants in the game TO DETECT THE FAIR.
One is witness to effects but not causes SO HOW DO YOU FARE?

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