Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To anonymous


Hole in the wall gang, Butch, Sundance and Etta Place verses Pinkertons Detective Agency. Hole is the wall
gang bangers with credit card information,. Pin and whatever other chip reading devices one can get a hold
of from your friendly down town electronics merchants. This is a rap song wrapped up in cling wrap,
anonymous in the boot of a see i hey its Saturday cartoon sun or a gun hole, cable ties drawn by paintbrush
and bucket around wrists and hands quite a bundle to dispose of are anarchistic pursuits and where they
have gone too and where they have taken us. Jacob's ladders electricity shocking news. Treachery of images
and that is neither sun nor bullet hole nor worm hole to crawl through to get out of the boot of that see i hey
car. Remember Jesus died a tortured soul, one hopes that he in his Kingdom Come will remember you and
the ones who run the global surveillance network too. Coz' when no-body breaks the law of love then their
are no more criminals to pursue.
 luv n' joy = peat <:<)))>

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