Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red Sea Parting 3, 4 + 5

(3) Red Sea Parting Paranoiac Armies

When is NOW! No freedom fighters in Christendom, then, no rebellious national groups, then. Nor fright all around the place where ones family members become a violent or terrorising entity thus enemy to you and to themselves, then. The word freedom has been used, abused and misused by those with the power of will, that point the gun, the cannon and the bomb, at members inside their own nation, tribe, family and tongue, then. And why, because you are not liked by us, you don't agree with our definition of freedom of speech, then. Retribution, retaliation and restitution's paid via Christ's Ransom Sacrifice, then. The lesson taught us how to live gracefully and to die without disgrace, then. So that a sacred remnant mightily remain to cleanse the earth from destructive attitudes and replace them with constructive attitudes that free mankind from shame and guilt, so there you have it, a philosophy in a nutshell, Earth the nut, the shell the atmosphere, with gravity the hammer blow holding the whole of the elemental stockholders machinery, the whole lot of it all to-get-her, then. Since The God of the Bible promised this, a Kingdom on Earth that will never be brought to ruin. Where all its subjects are happy and contented coz' no one causes any injury nor harm to any one who is a living entity, anymore, WOW it's when!


(4) Red Sea Parting Israel is real children.

The borders were always the mountaintops coz" from them all the waters flow, down from up high, down by creeks, down by rivulets and down by rivers into the sea to evaporate up into the clouds, to fall on down again, on the mountains, thus the water cycle is of prime concern for we who live within the earth's domain, then. Duh, how dumb is that to you and me, to not have realised that fact sooner, then? They are the true borders between the valleys where people manage their resources with due care and diligence, then. So there you have it freedom fighters, rebels and terrorists, three dimensions and time to think about the great big package pinned in space by the pin called gravitas, that we share in common, then. When is NOW!

(5) Red Sea Parting: closure.

Much work to make be in making do with scarce resources, now is here and always was in existence not by the Pope's will, but by our commonly held Father in Heaven's will. Then we become his little children, sharing our wealth of knowledge around our common fire, cooking stone soup to-gather, then and only then, where we respect each other as they too are the imaged formed from the saliva and clay of the one that made US in his image, then and only then, when that is knowledge, can this occur.

luv n' joy = peat<:<)))>


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