Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red Sea Parting Side A

Red Sea Parting Side A

I am a stranger here upon the shore with all of you living in the same instant coffee moment of tense.

I do not know that much when it all boils down to the details in each one of the branches of knowledge.

I know that time is of the essence that clock cycles go tick tock in the registration of a beating heart.

I do know that earth is composed of mountains and valleys where rivers flow into the sea to evaporate.

I do know that condensation occurs in clouds and that at some stage become over-saturated and rain falls.

I do know that these conditions existed externally to the little life from that is behind the eyes I now own.

I do know that those external conditions existed before me and that I was not present at that supernova.

I know a supernova formed each and every element in our trustworthy scientific periodic table of elements.

I know some scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory and here we are 13.7 billions light years from it.

I know this may seem inconsequential another thought from peatantic's universe; what occurred before?

I know a set of hard and fast rules were made for one to ontologically manufacture each and all domains.

I know it takes time to build a house, to get the food, to get the cloths from out the loom and not be naked.

luv n' joy = peat<:<)>

Parting the Red Sea Side B

I know that you know what I know because everyone on earth is proved as witness to these fine events.

I know that earth is ruled by Kings and Queens  and Presidents and Prime Ministers in many many nations.

I know as little as you do about what it is that does occur behind closed doors of each and every leader.

So I know do I and where and who did have a belief and faith that that belief was true but the evolutionist.

So they believe they have the answer that the energy itself then is the mind of their creator itself in fact?

So they can measure the velocity of a photon in a light beam and split it with a diffraction grating can they?

Who is measuring the measurers who are merely measuring themselves and measuring out their gold mine claims?

You do not know one single thing about the decisions made behind closed doors to extract the tax in dollars.

You do not know a single thing about why it is that gravity does what gravity has done for everyone of us.

You do not know even what the God in that Bible said in the earlier parts of dare I say our in-humane history.

You do not know that every one of you if you are a brother that your woman is a sister whom you lead as wife.

You do not know the ten commands are the foundation of every single legal system on the blue marble in space.

You do not know that every one of those simple rules when disobeyed mean that you have sinned and are lawless.

You do not know who Jesus was before he came to Earth and that he was the first born of all the creations.

You do not know he had a former life as Michael the Archangel and that is a fact of extremely ancient history.

Now you know the law of god is greater than the law of any one of any single legislated nation with one rule.

Love the lord your God and which lord is here referred to with this abstact noun that could refer to your landlord?


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Stephen said...

I like this one on the Parting of the Red Sea. Reading your post reminded me of Alexander Pope's "The Critique of Man". ("The solution to the problem lies not in the answer; it is in asking the question")