Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Popular Miss Conception

Popular Miss Conception is "Change your thoughts and you will change the world. We are our thoughts that form within our Heart that governs each and every step one's Soul does take. The psychiatrists, psychologists and other meta-physicians who study consciousness will one day agree that the will is ones votive power and that growth is all about the gaining of control of the voluntary powers that acquiesce into self destructive tendencies on basically one principle. "I did not get what I wanted.", "I only got what was needed." No more in the offering." and "YOU got what you deserved." etc.

You can lay claim to knowing yourself by heart should such a condition of the heart be ever observed. The senses can deceive us especially when within the domain of "Every body thinks that therefore that is NORMAL." Who said so where is he or she and tell them this for me. If this place where we are living now, is so free, why is that we have been put under the constant surveillance of cameras in public places? In other words "Is it normal for the state authorities not to trust us?" or "Is it normal that people travel to fast, use mobile phones while driving, go through red lights, take drugs not prescribed by a medical or psychiatric practitioner, OK'd by the FDA and labelled Thalidomide, that people get ill and die from causes other than shame"?

That is what killed Adam and Eve. Shame that they had been shammed by the seductions of the Satan, not doing what the good Lord Ha-way, the happy potentate our trusted landlord said, so, we absailed, caved into temptations! Still we pay for the actions of all those lawless ones, the ones who make crooked laws and the one who dis-obey them. The only ones getting rich are the people who get the laws passed by their government so they can collect the debts owed to them. They call that normal when Jesus told US to forgive those who trespass against us. That ought be legislated as NORMAL. Coz' we all make mistakes especially when we learn to drive this body we live in!

luv n' joy n' peace peat<:<))))>

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