Saturday, September 8, 2012


Inside some oyster shells one finds a living crystal pearl,
Before butterflies came into being coo-coon chrysalis stage,
Before that stage was known existed tiny little lava-l girl,
Before salient develop-meant-al seed to assuage the sage....
And then and there and over where do these lines so wander,
On and on and over to developments via to dance, to party,
To the princess in ballroom meeting greeting Queen slander.
Off one goes in a rage a bit of sand in the slipper of wonder.
Public presentations 50 private communications day in Peking,
Cryptic crossword clues passed by Delilah from Samson phew,
Try to make sense of AC and DC by is A not not A to our king.
Two negatives when multiplied form a positive number too few.
So in summary this thesis must form the systems conclusion.
End Gettier Problem's confused by professorial confessions.


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