Friday, July 27, 2012

‎1 G gives us all I A.

‎1 G gives us all I A. If G stands in place of Gravitas and A stands for All pinned to terra firma like butterflies on display at a mausoleum, clearly not cool. As a parting shot, G really stands for Gravity and A really stands for Atmosphere as a UNIT of MEASURE. Of interest it is Yoda. Of interest it is Yogi and of interest it is to every yodeller. Gee whiz bang bang your dead and big bang supernovas constructed all the material in this Lego block set of some 93 useful objects. Each with its own curious identifying structures called ATOMS. And this is from one who knows very little about hyperbolic geometry and forgets the proof for Pythagoras's theorem? But then he does know that two parallel lines do converge to an event horizon. Perhaps some of the wits on this thread can tell us what... happened before the big bang and if and when they can please explain why all mass is energy distilled to the point of visibility. The tiny bit we see has its measure as 1 R where R stands in the place of a Rainbow. Whom do we say thank you too for those three objects as subjects of enquiry? They asked once what good it was to know about electrons and governments funded Faraday in hopes of raising more taxes. I daresay when our Jetson's cars turn up in the local showroom's we will be lining up to buy em. Anti-gravity is on the table since at I G of acceleration the end of the universe is less than three years away iff one can break the speed limit set by light speed and find a source of infinite energy to drive the machine, paid for out of taxation, by George. Who of you can pay that and just where do you think you will find the ones who run and do not pay their bill? Which way did he go takes on a whole new dimension. liv+luv=peat<:~)>

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