Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Red horse of the Revelation is Famine

The Red horse of the revelation is famine, doctor, doctor, send me the news, who's tardis in being police box blue, wind blower, blows, be leaves to covers blown, abstracted extremes concepts own: our sum of frowns, as history of dreams sent some to clown around. time machine's inside ups and downs, model sha...des red, green and blue over monitors sales our dues. identity's law our digital domains, on or off two words our main sail, yes or no to nothings owned, scales in powers of ten from small to large, less than one or greater than one, concepts are words. labels attached, blood sweat and tears, hours of shopping to look at price tags. that is on Jeff's little red bus, Mao's little red book, Richard Neville's school book. Pitney's complaints, and Oedipus complexes. Freudian analysis, Jungian defenders. synthetic substances, watch out for red back spiders spiders hidden beneath the toilet seat. red flag to the bull, bulls are colour blind you know, make a rule, ban red flags, all they will do is wear red t-shirts, neckties and red handkerchiefs, better red than under the bed, red faces is to red Simmons what the gong is when car engine blows, while you did not see that flash of insight, the colour of the light inside that cavity above the piston below the head, the valves and tappets was in shades of red green and bluesy blues. off to the mechanic's institute engineering utility to the greatest joy for the greater number. liv+luv=peat:)'_Institutes

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