Tuesday, May 15, 2012

blue screen of death

experiencing some technical difficulties, we'll be right back to the blue screen of death, a play of Shakespearean proportions, double trouble boil and bubble, fire burn and cauldrons rubble. fair is foul and foul is fair, 1984 written in 1948, news peak billboards welcomed, into living room, since radio and television, right to decide upon deicide, men with guns and armies, vote is a vow to support the party, stupid people make stupid decisions, Stephen stoned to death, said his nation was a Hagar the horrible child of slavery to lawlessness and death, Christians children of a free woman Sarah, who was Abrahms half sister, thus he told no lies. note please the distinction that exists between inclusion and exclusion from the party politic. obey the rules your good, disobey them your bad, where is the love of others in all that eye for eye and tooth for tooth, the number of wars is equal to the numbers of winners and losers, that is only if and when the following fact is not included in the statistical data set, a peace treaty has been negotiated and the war declared a draw. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deicide

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