Thursday, October 13, 2011

Staff of life is water,

Words identify, movements like (Insert any name) ism, subjects (insert any name) ists/ist and objects (insert any name) like, knife, fork, spoon and plate in kitchen-ism . That is a member of any movement, national, language, familiar or tongue. Is identifies the attributes contained within that person, the group they claim ownership of and the policies they act on as their code of honour thus keep the groups integrity wholesome and forthright around the dinner table. kitche kitche koo dear children. ABBA DADDA DOO! Whoops I think I ate the kitchen sink and had the tea towel for desert.

Matter= staff over life, judge=l ife over staff, people= members who love others as they love themselves. People who matter judge. people who judge matter. Please forgive me for eternity for inverting Kevin's proverb. Greater love has no man than to give up his life for others. On inversion of a proverbial utterance's error is soon detected. Staff of Life is that each member of the set of people is formed from the inside out. Evidence that supports this statement is all around all, all of the time simply by being. Be/Do x Do/Be = One with our creator. By removal of "THE NOT STATEMENT" the expression is brought into sharp contrast. Since a vote is a vow then to vote for any governmental arrangement than the "KINGDOM OF GOD" is an apostacy/treason/punishment. Judge not that you not be judged. Material we are formed from is HOLY SPIRIT is light is all study of material world as has been revealed via science the study of the world external to all conscientiosness.

People who judge do not matter. People who matter do not judge

Please explain why then the world is the exact opposite to that? Put yourself in the witness stand before judge and jury who sit at the King's command, YOU stuck between attorney for the prosecution of your claims and the attorney for the defence of your claims. People who judge matter. People who matter judge.

To LIKE or NOT LIKE is to JUDGE. When one likes/loves or not likes/loves one judges. Please explain?

7:41 AM 13/10/2011
I Leica my camera's bright line viewer that shows what is in and out of my picture. My 1975 M4p, made in Canada has fallen into many pieces at the bottom of my camera case. My Leica V-LUX 1, all I could afford got stolen probably by a friend I made of a street person. My Lumix GI has Leitz's lenses made under licence using Leitz lens test equipment. Modulation Tranfer Function curves mean I can point my lens at a light source with minimal coma distortions. Sparkles on the water beat Nikon's and Cannon's every time especially when wide open. A picture made of my experiences with my like of leica's light, dawn's light as drawn with words.

8:47 AM 13/10/2011

A point is a volume of information is a pointer too, now, I have forgotten the name given to those lines of people who follow the leader around the floor to the tune of some ancient music the melody of which can no longer be remembered, yet have heard and seen it countless times before, ah then congo line comes to mind, if so then, why does my liitle eye and me, think of joseph conrad's novella, heart of darkness and elephants ivory tusks tearing though a market full of fragile goods to love the smell of napalm in the morning, of francis ford coppola's interpretation of the war in vietnam, i hear the music in my head and it aches for the memory of it's that elephant within the boundaries of this pictured sailient view, forgetful, forgiven, forsaken, where he went worn out by the bride all fat and wide, slipping on banana skins and falling to the side, after photo-journalistic pictures staked their claim to be this popular fashion after the bubbles of champagne flowed from the MAGNUM PHOTO AGENCY? Think about it luv peat:)

P.S.tink tink tink...rattle the bullett points on my kevlar vest.

9:29 AM 13/10/2011
I smoked it, I inhaled it, saw between the lines a fiction as friction's fractal, factual, displacement of academic Archimedian proportions. Found a place of forms, from which no one has ever return-ed after imbibing of the belladonna's, ancient angel trumpet flower. I admit it, did Bill Clinton or any one of a large number of politicians, legislators or communicators? Would they be game enough to ask their creator, is it pot or poppies or coco or birch trees substances as extracted by pharmaceutical companies with the help of chemists who have been gifted with the right to deliver a doctor's prescriptive advice under the auspices of that phenomena called the legislated rule of law beneath the constitution of that nation, that any who, upon denial or rebellion faces retribution via common statute law framed beneath that self same constitution in each and every land to find, it is not so while each nation, tribe, family and tongue hold different codes of honour, moral or morale, puts its members to death or hard labor or jail, has any one of you ever bothered to of ever ask-ed, what does all of that means to him as it's maker? That is the position, is the time of grace ended and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil now known and if so where is the tree of life? I note with interest that too much or too little of any food is deadly. History proved to be glut or famine, peace or war, stuck between heavens sunshine and earth's gravitas with you and seven billion stories like yours that really do matter to a loving creator who claims he loves us and we reproved every instant we get to live.

10:32 AM 13/10/2011
Habits entail an all consuming passion for fashions via industry. What I call fashionable others may call abominable and vice versa. I.E. you will find a button that says "like" beneath this post. To not click it means that you do not like that which was said or do not know or remain neutral too it and to comment, perhaps a request for more information to help you to decide on the best course of action, the one you like, like a judge at a Camera Club Event. Stan and I had a discussion the other day on that subject. If I remember it correctly it was over a principle applied where to say nothing implied guilt? Kind means like to naming convention techno-crats. Please take your time and consider that which follows. Tree is an object when planted and grown from a seed, to seed after flowering and fruiting. Tree is a subject when considered as all the atomic combinations that scientifically compose it of things invisible to the eye. Tree is a movement because from seed to seed while soil and water exist it will be forever be heralded in time whenever wind brushes against its leaves. Thus it is safe to give a thing a name and to share that name since by a name is the kind of thing spoken about liked = good or un-liked = bad socially speaking. It is not good is the same as saying bad and it is bad when we do not know all the parts that form the whole is what I meant to say but forget to say in the above post. Luv peat:)

P.S. Pick the flaws, dear friend, in my grammar?

Luv PEaCe

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