Friday, October 14, 2011

On Accusations

Sayings of Jesus on the accursed stake.

‎1. Forgiveness,
2. Salvation,
3. Relationship,
4. Abandonment,
5. Distress,
6. Triumph and
7. Reunion

Indirectly these words were interpreted from that which was recorded then transmitted if I am allowed to put those words into your mouth. It is safe to say that we here of this time who have gone through experience's historical ought be a little more aware of the threats the wills of our other's impose upon us. Science is natural philosophy with it's original project being to induce from the effects the causes in the domain of the world external to being. Metaphysics on the other hand works from the other direction in deducing from a cause what effect or outcome will be generated by being as a doing entity. That at least is the view as held from the Greek perspective as I read it. The Hebrews had no such notions nor needed them since they were in direct communion with the first cause of being with his legal case to present to the nations. The Greeks sought after wisdom, which is what philosophy is. Philia = love of association Sophos = wisdom. The Jews sought for a sign from heaven, with the CHRIST they received the sign of JONAH no more no less. The final words of the book of Jonah are significant. "Do you expect me to destroy a people who do not know their left hand from their right hand? Nineveh was a city filled with violence, apparently they repented and changed their ways, then FORGOT and destroyed their environment, both social and material in that Nineveh ceased to be and ended it's history with an anthropological, archaeological dig. Earth is no different today. If so called civilised society continues of it's present path sometime in the future the whole of the earth will go the way of NINEVEH as just another anthropological, archaeological dig for some alien race. Mankind lives because of the mercy of the father of Jesus, and each human who is intelligent enough to be aware knows they exist in a delicately balanced state between madness and genius as they walk the fine line between good and evil. In other words, Jesus famous last words could well be our own. Google this set of letters φιλοσοφία go to wiktionary find that love means friendly, beloved, wisdom means knowledge. Thus philosophy essentially means knowledge lover/sign lover. We are but little fish in a vast sea of quantum dynamical interference patterns. Luv Peat.

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