Saturday, October 29, 2011

impredicable incredulous eduction

If P = the set of all men who don't shave themselves

and P' = the set of all men whom are shaved by the barber


the barber is a woman.

Philosophy of mathematics 101.

Is the proposition decidable? If not then data set then is not complete.

The term "IS" performs its duty to work for that which is ever present.

"Peat IS" is a complete sentence since subject agrees with predicate.

To say verb must agree with predicate in sentence is/was/wills wrong.

All that is logically required is to point out one contradiction and it is wrong.

Logic is viewed from an angle of view in 360 degrees cubed momentarily.

Time factors considerations for facts entailed by an events particulars.

If neglected result in impossible to ever modify outcomes so generated.

IMPLY is one such term/word/ that in itself is a proposition all by itself.

With a proposition of the first part P implicated with second part of Q

As Symptom showed very clearly that P can be wrong and Q can be right.

We must ask ourself then what is mathematics doing but studying language.

Post "THE ONE" pointed to circumference of humans event spectrum's,

That each individual is found wanting for good information to decide first.

The set of all men who do not shave themselves could mean a woman.

The story I heard entailed a command by the prince of the city gates.

Who created a monopoly for one barber with a caveat that prevented

Others in the city from shaving themselves so the one barber only could

The way the law was presented left it open to interpretation that the

Barber if he shaved himself would leave himself open to death's sentence.

So he fled and left that prince of the city alone with that policy decision.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely since the outcome of that policy at

The time of its inception remained unrealisable on account of practises:

Thus the law predicated for an action to occur becomes proposition P.

Q then which was one of the possible outcomes as generated by prop. P.

Q remained an unforeseen outcome of P on account of one word ignorance.

Q is in memory after the fact and now presents a way out of ignorance.

Q therefore was but one outcome generated for proposition P to imply.

Power plays is what I read into that little story of the impredicable incredulous.

Think about it which way are you going on the train when two trains are on

Either side of you going in the opposite direction the illusion when still magnificence.

Problem is solved from or to first principles from or to general conclusions.

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