Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fox would mean cunning by any other name!

What is a name? Click picture to find out!

Glory Cloud, as seen from Clontarf Beach, Queensland, Australia, Plane of Earth on Saturday the 15th of October @ 4-55 PM. Approx. 150 degree angle of view in a 3 picture stitch up using Microsoft ICE, using spherical horizontal projection technique (I THINK), saved as layers in a photoshop .psd file, opened in photoshop, each layer horizon aligned and with the help of cut and paste into a half a dozen layers plus the clone tool managed to clean up the corners and fill them in. Cropped then to 2x1 proportions then saved using save for web feature optimised for windows RGB. Storm looks worse than it proved to be. Very short duration, a quick puff of wind a couple of lightning bolts followed by de rigour claps of thunder and gone into the mists of time except for this picture and others by others with cameras there that day and hour.

Enjoy: luv from peat

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