Sunday, October 9, 2011

Black Nights art Star Bright

In the debate between proponents of nature and proponents of nurture who will win the argument? When viewed from the angle of racism and sexism the evidence presented is clearly the spectacular, as the conflict of interest between parties competing for the base materials of existence. Man dominating man to his injury as in the abyss marked down as all of the ism's and ist's of blood on the tracks with party-ism and it's members party-ists. Party of the first party marked as constitutional lawyers. Party of the second part marked as legislators passing laws in each national entity by which the citizen's mode of conduct is prescribed as their behaviour in both the private and the public domains. Party of the third part is the judiciary along with the police force to either reward obedience or to punish wrong doers. Party of the forth part is the people who are the common citizen of each and every nation whether noble or ignoble. I am of the opinion of a certain wonderful woman who was in one of those isolated outback communities in the "LIVING BLACK" program on SBS. "We visit your camp (assumed to be centrelink) why don't you visit our camp?" Also is the view of some peoples who live on isolated islands of the pacific region in that each day is the days fish catch and the days harvest from the land. All is ladelled out onto the public table and divided up equally amongst all in the community at least idealistically speaking here that is. Thus is the notion of altruism v selfishness so defined? Aristotle spoke of the word soul from the viewpoint of the Greek culture like an ancient geek akin to Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. So righteous unto himself and his mission that he was wrong to all his friends and their mission. Their is then the Hebrew definition of a soul and its definition that a man, woman and child is marked by what one does, has done and will do. The lawless soul dies without mercy to be shown nor any compassion since their contribution is nil to the wealth and health of their community. Policy of politeness is best understood via the way of agreement. In ancient times the elders were 24 men of good standing who sat at the gates of the city inspecting all that came and went. Where did that idea disappear too and what have we forgotten? The money changers have taken over the temple. Confusion is rampant the dogs of war are loosed upon the world the blood dimmed tide is loosed and the worst lack all conviction while the best are filled with passionate intensity. The concept of a wax slate where the record of ones doing's is rubbed out where one can make a new start and change ones ways is very interesting if it so pleases you. Tell me please what is your credit history and do you believe they will ever change, that is forgive you on your record if you have on it that you defaulted on a loan? Speak to that if thou wills it. Wills what an everlasting legacy or just another band-aid for the wounds of these black nights. PEaCe

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