Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unnatural Rejections

As Bobbo shows and tells US law and moral are context/syntax sensitive.

You are moral when law is obeyed, immoral when not, amoral if not known.

That puts most of us in an amoral box ignorant of most of the legal system.

As for TGR it for all intents and purposes is intuitive but anger gets the better of us.

Evolutionary theory proposes an alternative history like a story is just as made up.

The BIBLERS as DUBBELD labels US are a set of theistic groups by way of interpretation.

Translation of the text from the Latin to the local spoken language is recent history.

Book was banned for over 1000 years by the people who spread the word of it.

Propaganda means quite literally "Board for the administration of the faith" says Fowler.

Strangely this word turned up around 1600 about the beginning of the reformation.

With the Church's abuse of power over the state she lost credibility so the separation.

That of the power sharing relationship between church and state at least in the open.

"If the Catholic Church teaches it it must be true" said one of her devout members.

I believe that conclusion ignores disproof since the Bible teaches not what they teach.

The members of the churches live double lives follow distinctly separate standards.

Double standards in that one law at home another at work and play and another on Sunday.

Some people declare themselves to be atheist yet they too hold contradictory views.

The claim is no GOD but the possibility of ALIENS on other planets is very strange.

Like all of the churches you enjoy certain public holidays and call planets god names.

Even the days of the week are named after GODS and LAST: ALL of you use money.

Well speaking of value systems what about the laws of various states and lands.

When you travel are under jurisdiction of home state to obey law of land visited.

Any of you so called believers in natural selection ever looked at bringing down national borders?

I have and the GOLDEN RULE relates to consequences of action and a state of LOVE.

To LOVE is the true Christians objective and what a bunch of serpents to deal with.

Discoverers of lands or ideas and inventors of injury who claim right of ownership.

Who owns all the elements in the periodic table the consequence of a supernova?

Who donated all the energy in the matter that we assume we own labeled our body?


PS Next you will be telling me water is not wet that triangles have one side.

Well wet is just an agreed to label and flat-landers do not know a thing called triangle.

All they see is things appear as if by magic like roads, phone lines and connections.

Believe no act of will took place on the part of another to get money to live on just like them.

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