Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obsessive Obsessions

Compulsive disorders to be bigger than the smallest burning ants with magnifying glasses. The spectrum of disorders the tests put to in testing for irrelevant conclusions. We--- pinned to the paper by super glue flapping our wings yet not flying. Dreams are against a ground of black as we sleep on through the night, black lightened by the colors. Life in the daytime, against a ground of white occulted by the colors. Their is a phenomenal word in metaphysics used to describe that pesky explanatory gap. That place between where we come from and where we go to in why are we here in time in relatively the same instant with a will to lever the moment.

Story as in show and tell in front of the class according to Fowler owes its origin to Storey as in the layer cake that is the building one lives in since the two towers crashed in a cloud of dust. East meets West Fukiyama's history had not ended as he had previously and falsely supposed. Capitalism still has some lessons to learn. Whats in store for the store?

Aesthetics to my private understandings is the study of sensations received by ones powers of judgment. Awareness of threats over the event horizon causes a reaction to a perceived threat in very primitive flight or fight responses. If to big too tackle then run away if too small to tackle squash it. Oops there are more than I could squash given forever. Borax and sugar sure seem better as a method to rid the house of cockroaches and ants. The scientists who study natural law do not know how a cell was constructed and have created a false history in the theory of evolution. Surgeons but merely from a school of advanced plumbing. They make claims and provide evidence and search for a proof that GOD does not exist so they can get more government funding for their research efforts is a charge against their integrity. The skinner box is an excellent example of a sufferer of Azberger's syndrome at work. Behaviorists are the members of the school popularly labeled behaviorism. Measure the value by putting a animal to a test of the voluntary powers on the intellect to find what else but food for the belly and for man it is a shared thought one can deny and the other accept.

Consistency of terms in the articulation of ones arguments for and against a system hold consequences of great importance. Security of food and water supplies is of no small importance to the people who work to fetch it from the soil and from the well who when they get there find it poisoned by an enemy with a dead carcass. An unknown threat from an unknown enemy who issues a threat against your realty [Real estate agency as in common law property that is part and parcel to the title deed] to threaten your personalty [ Personal Possessions that travel with you when you buy or sell a property on which to store them]. Revolution or Evolution is that he who wins the battle makes he the rules and writes the history books in praise of his/her army is it?

Perhaps you are smart enough to distill from salt water all the four kilograms of gold in the sea for everyone on earth this day this present. You do not have a source of energy on this plane of existence any bigger than your local star the sun? God is in control a friend once told me to which I said how come man is out of control?. In which sense of meaning did I use the phrase out of control? You are claiming to be intelligent so I will not give you the description/prescription that would spoil the stories ending for you, in giving you a clue, is all I can do, in give you the tools so you can work it the answer, out for yourself, little donkey chasing that carrot on the stick in front called health and wealth.


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