Monday, March 14, 2011

Reasons Sea Sons

(NAME)-ism -ist and -ics = party, personalty and realty @ LAW!
Reasoning what power means to run from or fight the powerful?
Decision trees as steps made in processing information at hand.
Nand gates made of garden hoses switch on/off network nodes.

Party = THE FAMILY OF MAN = Breathing critters who own willful decisive powers.
Personalty = Possessions transportable manufactured not permanently attached.
Realty = Possessions not transportable items attached permanently to the earth.
LAW = Set of rules formed to govern conduct of members of earth's populations.

Morale = Attitude displayed by members in a discussion group in use/abuse of terms.
Moral = Fight annihilating members whom one believes abuse the terms of reference.
Name = Attributes used to identify object in the concrete, subject in the abstract.
Convention = Words used by members of set choosing to be included in discussion.

Wired = Mode as architecture, engineering by which synaptic clefts are composed.
Hard/Soft = Hardware/Software Hard determinism/Soft determinism action balance.

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