Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zion to the Art Reform Tourists

[QUOTE=spacedout;461356]T in A you see what I see; a world of clock works one step or time click at a time. Without this there wouldn't be a consistancy of movement anywhere in the world. A ccwp is a manifold that changes speed in accordance to steps that are crossed so that there are as many rows as stips per row. I'm sure you already know what I am saying. Everything in the world uses the same step in time.

I've published my book it is small and to the point with 30 illustrations and graphs. The illustrations get to the point much better than my writing does. I call the book "Time and Everything" I don't expect much readership from it but I didn't expect much anyway. I hope I can get some of my investment back though. I will get a lot of flack from the professionals though. The book will be sold within 3 months.

I see from your posts that you are from Israel. Will all the rioting in Egypt and other parts of the Aribic world effect you? An irresponsible country will fail in time.[/QUOTE]

I live in Australia. I live in Queensland, I live near Brisbane. I live slightly north of Brisbane. I live 28 odd k's north of Brisbane. I live on the Redcliffe Peninsula. I live on the southern end of the Redcliffe Peninsula. Therefore my real time location for the local postal service is 4019 Clontarf. I could go to go ogle earth and show you a picture of Pelican Park. This one will have to do for the moment.

Zion is @ least for me is the residence of the CHRIST with the FATHER the first and second "I AM'S" who prove to be what they prove to be. The state of being is an absolute that is relative to pathways traveled. The trivium while being fundamental is not so trivial as to be ignored when every society on earth is bound by law to the things it knows. In law the terms deed and property and the label "I OWN" denote "I BROUGHT" and then "I BUY" and "I SELL" that is a "DEED" and is subject to the "HONORING OF AGREEMENTS" Tell me about someone who is not familiar with the concepts entailed above then I will show you a child in time.

Logic is concerned with the thing as-it-is-known,
Grammar is concerned with the thing-as-it-is-symbolized, and
Rhetoric is concerned with the thing-as-it-is-communicated

Hence it is safe to say that the speed of light is in itself the evidence for ether drag in that the time taken for a beam to arrive is all that is reqired as "PROOF". The path is a continuous function from the viewpoint of a star. The path continues till someone turns the star off then the beam stops dead sudden. Looking forward to recieving a copy of your book.

tra la la

P.S. ?-ist, ?-ism and -ion and add any noun you can find in place of the question mark. America is the locality name as is Australia and ZION. American is the name of the the citizenry as is Australian and Christian.

The "IS" is that a "POT" is a vessel made of "CLAY" that is "FORMED" in "ACCORD" with the "DESIGN" of its "ORIGINATOR". Every move made is a subject of "WILL". For a change to "OCCUR" in "TIME" is a subject to that will. No will to do then no change. Big clean up going on over here in Queensland. Australia a land of drought, floods, fires and aliens with predications, verbals, whistle-blowers and subjects of the crown, dear old Liz and her family in Windsor Castle their was another one in Hobart the antipodean point where a plot was hatched that is of concern but only if you are a plagiarist.

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