Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zeroth Law

SWARM SAID: The second law says that all events go towards a state of equillibrium. For example. If two gases are placed in an enclosed room they will mix uniformly. If we take two different colored marbles and divide them in a shoe box and then shake them they will mix uniformly. They will never seperate again. Neither will the gasses.

So what outside force caused elements to form an unequillibrium of particles to form dna and cell structure.

It could have only been done by larger forces seeking equilibrium and the elements just got in their way.

I don't believe this for two reasons: I believe in God the Creator that created dna and the cells they control. and I don't believe it mathmatically possible for heat and electicity to shape such a complex organism.

I take it that you believe that for a change to occur requires a will to change it.

The law only allows things to go to equilibrium if an outside source effects it.

Hot or Cold or from cold to hot like a detective in a defective detective story.

From one extreme to the other and back again over and over sunrise to sunset.

I am looking forward to mastering how to operate a Tardies like Dr Who.

The idea of one being in all places at all times intrigues poor pitiful me.

Science fiction denotes a probabilistic statement: chance encounters.

Aliens who are either benevolent or malevolent good or evil strangers.

"God is LOVE" so does not get puffed up inflated by pride over accomplishment.

Popular culture I note consistently puts men up on pedestals of/to praise.

In doing so is that a discovery or an invention in relation to wills intension?

Find one change in a system of dynamics in the move from state a to stare b.

All one can do is look and observe conditions in state as shadows of a source.

Scale invariance in fractional dimensions denote the greater is similar to the lesser.

It is so that man is made in the image of GOD, the first "I AM" to ever exist.

Evolutionary revolution revelation theory man brags I AM greater than GOD.

Economy is political and modern day economic theory is little more than metaphysics.

Positive economics in was, is and will be denote past, present and future conditions.

Please dear masters of the universe who make inventions what is normal?

In present day era is war in the kitchen over sources of food and stores.

Chocoholics workaholics and alcoholics drunk of the wine of Babylon's fornications.

The unit of value that everyone uses to measure a man against a man: Bill Dollar.

Where then is that in this perpetual motion machine of wills, motor man of entropy?

Over and over again spring will be early said the groundhog this very cold winter.

Comfort this slug on his razor blade watching the shadows travel west to east.

Not a variation not one contradiction in the turning of discoveries into inventions.

All things are righteous but not all things are advantageous: now how do you decide?

Zeroth LAW
If two thermodynamic systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third system, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

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