Monday, December 6, 2010

Correlation and dependence

Science is Natural Philosophy and merely a tool!
The act of reasoning is a form of causation in itself.
We act on a hunch a notion a feeling of discomfort.
That something is not quite right and till is, is we are wrong.

There is only ever a probability that we will prove to be right.
We can plot a graph from a data set after a questionnaire.
The right questions need to be included to get the right answer.
Wrong questions mislead and cause tangential answers.

That is not entirely without merit as a method either, which is strange.
Since after a wrong answer one knows what does not work in practice.
Bobo's set of cannon balls balls is one of many good examples.
A terahedron has 4 vertices, 6 edges formed out of 4 intersecting planes called faces.
Dodecahedrons act like marbles and tesselate into a 12 sphere + 1 hidden.
The terms for this geometry are vertices, edges and faces.

You might check out logarithmic spiral while you are at it. What ever: it is geometry.

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