Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food &Water

[QUOTE=Mike Dubbeld;458695]Which causes health? Food? Or water?

You can see from the question it is implied that the cause of health is due to either food or water. If these 2 things are your only choices you can see how funny this is. If you have a set of yes and no questions implicit in each question is the ass umption the questioner knows what they are talking about.[/QUOTE]

Water for the desert.

I think it was Euler who pointed out the fault in the syllogism please correct me if I am wrong. Memory is strange the way it can lead to an incorrect association. It does not really matter WHO said it first, it was there all the time anyway till somebody looked for it and found it. Don't you hate it when you cannot remember a fact clearly and recall it to mind INSTANTLY?

All men are mortal.
Socrates was a man.
Therefore Socrates is MORTAL.

Replace Socrates with MIKE DUBBELD or TruthInArt same thought applies.

Some men are immortal.
Christ was a man.
Therefore CHRIST is immortal.

You may say that as a man CHRIST died.
But by that death all men have the hope of living forever.
Therefore some men who believe in CHRIST are IMMORTAL AS WELL.

The fact is that those who do not believe in the KINGDOM of GOD are excluded.

I am in with the in crowd.

Note please that JEALOUSY "IS" A CURSE. What is identified by the attributes possessed by the verb "IS" in this case other than that is my personal faith.

A thing is said to contain properties. The label we attach to those properties takes the form of a NOUN. The bucket is red (PRESENT TENSE OF THE VERB TO BE: THE COPULA)

The Bucket was red. (PAST TENSE of the same)

The former is ambiguous in that perhaps the color now is not red.
The latter is similarly ambiguous in that the color is perhaps not red now.
Therefore for truth to be real it can only ever be measured in the moment of occurrence.

One can make a promise and fulfill it but only after going through a series of steps that will see the action that was said to be done on time, in full and to specification. Then if the JOB to be done requires a SUPPLY of MATERIAL from another SOURCE and that SOURCE is EMPTY. ((THE WELL OR LARDER) then no FOOD and WATER therefore HUNGRY and THIRSTY.

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