Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peer to Peer Pressure

"It seems the amateurs are as good as the professionals' was so said.
Quote from the O.E.D. 20 volume reference "professional" was as read.
The context within which, use of term originated is of import so seems
Newspaper report 1840's of a group of amateur musicians so as written.
Never heard phraseology "Practice makes Perfect"  so be a nice kitten?

Story contains actors on the stage in frights, fights flights ephemeras.
Dispositions: subjects behind, before to front up obscuras de kameras.
Combinations numbers math's logarithmic spiral locks eye smile gleams.
From bitumen crystals to CMOS In tell lucky fried chips mat of photons.
Beds of nails arrested papa razzo la dolc'e vita roach's breedings puns.

Instant shutter fashions from tensions measured a time line we compete.
Double or half to expose in increments of a third of one Gödel's complete.
F-Stop LOGARITHMIC SCALE excuse low goon erea stitched sew seams.
ART was "Tecne" in ancient Rome's face race preceding that of facebook.
Stun gun model measure sell double buy half Zeno Paradox fight is crook.

I know the subject heading remember so prescriptive bit into descriptive.
Pure as snow at midday  to black as night in a coal mine yes perceptive.
Eight Bit Color two centuries and car fifty four gray shades: light beams.
Fact  from input to output calibration of monitor's color space important.
Descriptions gained buy a model of trial with terror over error as pedant.

Dear Uncle Ansel, were former family members makers of rubber gloves?
Escaped alien encounters of third kind on half dome at moon rise loves?
Look a salted paper, expose, develop, fix, wash, dry, cooked for teams.
Click goes shutters family clickerty click cloak chief do to train coaches.
I feel I can,I think I can, I know I can be on time to gaol it reproaches!

Energy meters ration quantity of energy rose each personality torments.
Systems of belief holding family values like hand me down the garments.
Every letter presents a picture from which one interprets it from memes.
Mirror neurones proportionality wile away time what's in your televisions.
Who wrote songs to flow over rocks ripple over tickle on fickle go visions.

Was said some time ago 'if philosophy fits in nutshells then belongs there!'
Sharing of light on you and your properties possessed glowing often fair.
Between the mean means, meanings fright denotes resonances extremes.
Blood flows up your windscreen national divisions rule to conquer peoples.
Constituents, common to statute LAW brothers jeepers keepers steeples.

Humor me then do not ask any more questions just give all the solutions.
No answer: shame on you and shame on me for enviromental pollutions.
Full circle back to the beginning over what is held in common so it seems.
What if a hidden fact so obvious then stares everyone instantly to face.
Simple so simple no one knows whose responsible for their shit in a race.

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