Monday, October 8, 2012

The Soundness Paradox

"The Medium is the Massage"
You will scratch my head thus I am in debt to you.
And I will scratch your head and credit extended repaid.
Otherwise called reciprocity and thus we deal with either success or failure.
Back scratches + head scratches / soul catchers in the rye humour, as children negotiate abysse' of futures exchanges.
Cryptology crack the code find the secret stash of names of members who are of that party on either side of the fence.
Intention is to extension as extension is to intention.
Tension in the form of a point under pressure.
A point is that which has no parts.
Foot in mouth disease is a problem.
Experts are a problem.
Predication is a problem.
Determinacy is a problem.
Completeness is a problem.
SARS is a problem.
Disease is a problem.
Death is a problem.
The splendid misery is a problem.
The crises of consciousness is a problem.
TIA is a problem.
Coberst is a problem
Ben is a problem.
Icestorm is a problem
Frostcloud's worth is a problem.
<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>
Address is a problem.

[QUOTE= WHOIS Analysis sitetrail]

Not answering mail the problem.
PO Box 16
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit
Nobby Beach
null,QLD 4218
Tel. +45.36946676

Creation Date: 27-Nov-2003
Expiration Date: 27-Nov-2014[/QUOTE]

What's a problem that ICE only can give the members of this forum a valid answer to as a valid question from a member.
The S.O.S. in the absolute is the Spiral Of Silence is the only real problem.
S.S. State Secrets at the bottom of the pit is Peat a Problem?
What secret information peat has acquired and acquiesced too is not a problem.
The footfall is sufficient evidence to prove that there is a Creator and Producer.
The MARK is targeted and only two kinds of error are possible.
Off centre as all targeted arrows are grouped in a single off centre location.
Off target as a random distribution of arrows around the bulls eye.
Error correction of either form requires analysis of ones habits.
Fine control mechanisms upon correction of the attribute causing the targeting problem solve the problem.
This solution is common to all not some.
Thank you for putting up with my questions and answers.
Have a well day. Toby is an intensive training course for children.
The dollar bill and focus on it I know is a bad case of autism.
Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, we have been hypnotized by the advertisers medium.

[QUOTE=The Soundness Paradox: Abstract only]

An inference is standardly said to be sound just in case it is deductively valid and it has only true assumptions. The importance of a coherent concept of soundness to proof theory is obvious, in that it is only sound derivations, and not merely deductively valid arguments, that advance knowledge by providing proofs of theorems in logic and mathematics. The soundness paradox is informally albeit impredicatively formulated as argument (S): Argument (S) is unsound, therefore, argument (S) is unsound. This paper introduces and explains the importance of the soundness paradox, formally demonstrates how to avoid superficial impredication via Gödelization, and compares it with the similar but significantly different liar and validity or Pseudo-Scotus paradoxes. Although there are similarities in this family of semantic diagonalizations, the soundness paradox is not just a hybrid of the liar and validity paradoxes, but is more fundamental, belonging to a special category that resists the most powerful received solutions to the liar and validity paradoxes.[/QUOTE] $142 US for Issue 20 of 1 magazine so I can read it is not affordable. Logic magazines are the most expensive on the planet.


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