Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big Mac Attack

"Romani iti domum" or latin for "Romans go home" as ""Egg of a fish is roe Man, but I eta p-nut butter coz I leica it" DOH!, Does Marge are -ine taste as good as a rose does, is it on or off, fiery, feisty and flighty flowers?"" Homer Simpleton. Quote, unquote my quota as these status quo's, P and Q's, lost count. You goo-ta watch out for grammar's nasties, Nazi's and Nazgul's flying over your heads. liv & luv =p-eat:!

After this complaint about Missy MWAC's attack on P is for Proffessional with the Program settings on the modern digital camera.

On behalf of my wife/husband/partner and I or me and the wife/husband/partner decided and witch is Barby Cue doll a quarried? As if a stone can be romanced in romance languages. One extremity to the other third person present plural indicative or first person present indicative? A pawn in the chess-t game can checkmate the king, we who visit the pawn shop find three balls a hanging like three bells, Ist, 2nd, 3rd person in each and every melodrama, bow tie fights moustache for bo-peep. On behalf of my partner and I is neutral, I and me partner is rude..... Time changed its awards from "Man of the Year" to "Person of the YEAR" in 2009, I think. Well, its better than "I DECIDED" or "SHE DECIDED" or "HE DECIDED" in that "WE DECIDED" but then did we decide to name Missy Mwac "WPY" "Wedding Photographer of the YEAR" or only ME? Something to think about Missy, wedding photography from personal past experience is such that "YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE LAST SHOT YOU TOOK". Make sure it's a good one. Hope it is as good as LAMONT is to knowledgeable Scotch Whisky sippers, supping from shot glasses before shattering them in the fire place, not that dissimilar to Greeks inventing wooden horses to defeat the Trojans, iff so then, your the hour's Helen, Queen of the Night, another bubble in the magic flute of champagne of protesters singing finales aria over what it means to be professional, meaning the perfection the arts scholastic. Even so if I am wrong, could you please correct me?. luv to all, not some, peat:)

Nice white bride, fine white sand and oh so very squeaky clean the slippers. Talk about wearing diamonds on the soles of her shoes?
Apart from that is this skit on shoes from the masters of comedy as antithesis of tragedy. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis to Hegelian dialecticians. J.K. Galbraith hated him for it.


Sand. and man........all i was looking for was a picture of two brides meeting up at the park for the wedding shoot to witness there expressions as they discovered each other wearing the exact same kind of dress.....the wonder too of what the bride would tell Missy where to go to, if she turned up in identical shoes. liv + luv = p-eats too:)

""Surfs up on the Gold Coast. Wish was over Noosa way. So surf net on Cold Roast, Nonspecific curds and whey." Looks like a T-Bone steak all froth and bubbles. Wonder if weather will wash up Ghost nets? Big problem they are to those Oceans, Pacific. So long thanks for all the fish. Anchors ahoy its up, up and away."" liv + luv = p eats too and for professional let the technicians behind the camera do all the work for you. That white water fooled your meter into thinking it was 18% grey. That is why the rocks and sky turned out so dark and stark a very lovely pictorial accident.

Then to Leanne the Elle Presidente of Asply Camera on face as consolation for her case of sunburn and bra burnings.

More specifically neck to knee swimming costumes while not in Vogue, if worn yesterday would mean no under shoulder boulder holder could possibly brass you off. Alternately via antithesis wearing nothing would mean more painful blistered broken and swollen skin than would ever be anything but unbearable. So synthetically speaking the lesson is a blessing and not a curse of course like take two pills, knock them off with water, you will be A OK but not till tomorrow, said the Doctor. In other words "It could of been much worse" Thank those plucky lucky chicken stars for lending you some of their feathers for the strangest of factional feather dusting's off. Nothing is worse than raw nerve endings exposed to air and touch. A vision splendid just stuck me down like a lightning bolt, that thought means taught ya worse than torture of a chicken whole roasted while still alive. The primal scream as you go to sleep this night burnt from head to toe after the rafter of the Ultra Violet's violence screaming at light speed through the hole in the ozone layer hit you harder than a nail a hammer.The sun is hotter in Tassy Man-iac-ia and those bed sheets burn worse than finding a red nose reindeer's face under the bed, a drunken Peter Garrett, dunked and plucked on red faces by Plucka and Red like Homer Simpson's, Doh nut into coffee:) Yep burns like this experiment with language to paint a picture with a thousand paper cuts placed as letters like graffiti on your wall and mine, like a miner for a heart of gold, not the Midas touch, nor Neil Young screaming in OHIO, not a happy dwarf, no hi ho its off to work we go, slave and save all day till after, no, its off to bed we go, then before we get there find a sleeping Cinderella and by her a poisened apple. Then one can rave on and on and burst the eardrums, Chinese burn the skin, blind you with a holograph's laser light as he inserts water at full throttle via a rubber hose up your nostrils, such is, the banging rattling and thrashings of sheets on the skin after first day at the beach beyound the black hole of winters long dark spell, its night. Know how it feels been there and done that too. Best I can do to comfort you. Hope the giggles and the ribbings don't chafe your boulders as they rest in their under shoulder holders. Some nerve, next time you see me and me see you slap me, I must be hallucinating. Merry critical mass and enjoy some happy new gear. Every word paints a thousand pictures for all you who know how it feels to be sun-burnt. Needs a little Photoshop work with levels, vibrance, saturation, dodging, burning, brightness and contrast grammatically speaking have to speak with Stan, he could be a superb editor, tone down the metaphor and subversive innuendo, make it readable for the Sunday Papers over this Papal Inquisition. liv + luv + p=eat:):):):):)

Time to eat see ya all ta morra. liv + luv =peat erred out over and out ten four rubber duckies.

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