Friday, October 14, 2011

Wealth is Sored Resources

Stoic Burke said "Money is like muck not much good unless it is spread around."
If time is money then money is time and if so which set is the set of priority.
To say time is would be the bigger of the two therefore money is a set inside time.
Capital is the number of dollars left over after all production costs are withdrawn.

That is if and only if the system is viewed from the viewpoint of the materialist.
Materialism is the class of members of the earth who believe in the all-mighty dollar.
Please go to your nearest fishing port and ask any one of the fisherman what he thinks.
He will probably tell you that the catches are down as well as the fish size is down.

Stock now being eaten into and old fish have all been taken is a morale crisis.
Create a civilisation and the records show clearly all you will create is a desert.
Bacterial activity in ground poisoned by chemical fertilisers nitrogen/phosphate a poison.
Earth and sea over harvested is the problem spread as human population increased.

As I read the situation there are too many people bleeding the system to bone dry.
The real wealth is the number of people in the system giving more and taking less.

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