Friday, October 21, 2011

The Hype Cycle

Wiki Hype Cycle]A hype cycle is a graphic representation of the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies.

In the above is contained three specific types of propagation problems.

Trivia to some members of the community pinned to the ground by gravitas.

Kitsch, Cliché' and Hype or the common ground upon which all have to navigate.

Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric anciently called the trivium rather like a holy trinity.

Triangulate the square to stop it collapsing into a line in architect of engineers domain.

The shock of the new of novelty toys a short play with the smurfs then to the toy box.

Till many years later the collection of the entire set is sold at an auction for millions of dollars.

How did the price of an "OBJECT D'ART" increase by such a dramatic amount?

Ah interest in the object along with hype along with an expectation of value.

Thus what then is a value that is held out by the hand in the give the take in society?

One minute the object is worthless and the next it on account of rarity is priceless?

When all it is is dust formed into a smurf that means to clean it with a duster.

And where do we place the stick that is the duster on the bottom of a bad boy or girl?

Bribery denotes that their is a domain we popularly label as ALL the corruptions.

Inflated expectations burst for democracy in a republic is rule by the criminal class.

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