Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Forty Niner: Young Earth Creationism

Young Earth Creationism

The word clearly states 6 creative days then somewhere that a day for a year in context of prophetic explanations and at another a day is a thousand years for the way time is perceived by the GOD, YHWH. Then we have to deal with creative days, weeks, months and years and epochs/ages of time before and after the ASSUMED MOMENT that we the human organisms live constantly in, relative to the wills of each other.

Science can take at best an educated guess. If one condition in the set of conditions that caused us to be who we are is in error then the whole calculation would be wrong. I.E. The waters above that fell to earth being in the thermo sphere, now can I have the research funding to get the proof of that? When vested interests inside that peer group review Enterprise called the scientific community support the alternate views and get inside the ear of governments like an earwig stuck in wax makes a seal so no other noise but theirs can get through?

One thing allows for certainty and completeness and that is to do as one said one would do regardless of the obstacles put in the way to trip you up: to stumble YOU.

20 to 20,000 hertz is 10^3 in orders of magnitude, which for HI FI ENTHUSIASTS is a recently reached milestone. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum with the Crookes tube looking little better than a paddle steamer ship in a vacuum bottle.

Now we have transistors fabricated that is made, that is created by man by a lithographic xray photographic process measured in billionths of a meter, a place where an order of magnitude, four out, is a big mistake: intolerable from the perspective viewpoint of its engineers.

So for the belief that society of mankind is no older than six thousand years I am an outsider not only to the scientists, the atheists but also a large proportion of the theists as well. So here we are in the seventh epoch with believers and non believers all shown the mercy of living by the undeserved kindness of simply being aware we are all in the same moment. The sun cycles from east to west the shadows move from west to east everyplace on earth. No other alternative view is possible. Because both theist and atheist have never met THE GOD YHWH does not mean he does not exist. I can assume this fact as 100% certain that all the material on earth can be compressed into the size of a sugar cube. Whether you beleive or do not beleive makes no difference. No one can see him and yet live. History of life on earth is only 4.8^4 or 48,000 years and we in perceivers of the future the good old forty niner training coaching eternities. I am a millennial-ist what about you?


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