Friday, March 18, 2011

Governmental transparency

As we deal with the rubble left behind "LEST WE FORGET" comes to mind.
Lest it be forgotten a number of zombies eating human flesh on the box.
Lest we forget Chomsky's view that at some time the boxes made public.
Lest we forget hidden agenda's under power seizures over conversations.

Groupthink errors of judgment in party politics thinking feeling decisions.
Newspeak reporters mediums massage by population of shocking jocks.
Peacespeak noble Sir Prizes trophy's clean up swords kill a mans willpower.
Artspeak in praise of artist his or her way of seeing a building so framed.

Thank-you Glenn your name has now been immortalized in frostclouds threads.
Thank-you Colonel same as above plus open government spells out reasons.
Thank-you George for TV, Boeing, Bell, 240v, GE, X dear old Nicola Tesla. the
Thank-you Baruch sorry not presidential candidate but one named Spinoza.

Fame glory spread around grounds like bullshit brings up mushroom clouds.
Pedestals holding up statues statutes law constitutions under hammers.

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