Wednesday, March 23, 2011

36 or 60 factors 5-3-2 prime

QuinticNon on Frostcloud "Better Forums" said A code this advanced, in the hands of a being capable of expressing Middle Knowledge, would be worth considering worshiping...

Coding for variables limits or extremities balancing toward what's normal.
Al Ger bra double entry bookkeeping debit is left credit is right of the column.
Libertines/Conservatines Charlie Sheen/SETI Aliens stretching elastic fabrics.
Bubble wrap protecting package "Weeping Woman" securities within perimeters.

God’s prepositional knowledge of all true counterfactuals of creaturely freedom.
Orders of magnitude how zero which is nothing acts like as THE column marker.
Nine Indian figures instead of cumbersome roman numerals balls of pawn brokers.
Tic tac toe Rubik's cube sets of moves in game theory to solve salvations puzzle.

Principals of generals waging war with populations who are not inside their borders.
Supported as they by members of their population who are said to be civilized.
City of GOD Augustine Roman Catholicism claim to by the universal church of Christ.
Scholasticisms trivium/quadrivium form for scholars lead to the Renaissance.

Alchemy or Magic Superstition or Theory positive or negative addition or subtraction.
Identity of attributes by method of reason high wire act vertigo betwixt order/chaos.

Art Reform Tourist

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