Monday, March 28, 2011

Absolutes + Variables = Consistency

Since time is "THE MEMORIAL" all of yesterday is but a salient memory.
Periodical Tables from Hydrogen to Unununium like strange unobtainium.
Avatar's Military Industrial Complex verses twelve foot blue hippies HUH?
Assumptions in Euclidean Geometry that point A to Point B is a single line.

Ever tried to play pool on the Hyperbolic Saddle it sure is a strange place.
A series of parallel universes as balls pop out of and back into the plane.
Flattened by ZION is a biblical prophecy proved true with simple photons.
All is energy and the source of that energy produced the material plane.

Squaring the circle now there is an objective and gravity does it for free.
Orders of magnitude from zero to one and it's inverses squared complexity.
All we see is in a metal mirror mirror on the wall to determine who is fair.
A test of integrity where feelings can run riot over reason if you so dare.

Thus the objective is to prove to be true in the face of this obstacles course.
In other words once first principles were revealed everybody is the universe.
The problem then is getting all to agree that to not live by the ten words is apostasy.
We live with law/lawless planet where all good/evil is revealed as being possible.

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