Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Love the LORD and so they love the PRESIDENT, KING and QUEEN of the LAND within those borders that contain them not GOD their FATHER. Little more than the worship of the creation and not it's creator. Love the FATHER is what Jesus taught with your whole heart, mind and strength, with your whole SOUL render sacred service with your power of reason.
Do for others as you would like them to do for you. Simple enough yet Christendom is like evolutionists acting like revolutionists?

Thinking they were there before the BIG BANG with theories of time.

Funny is it that here we are in the same instant coffee moment here.

All of us in the same identical moment suspended between past and future.

Perhaps you can animate atoms and turn them into cockroaches and flies.

Make lizards to eat them to control their population and balance life's equations.

Man at the top of the food chain with flags of war paying kings ransoms in taxes.

All by way of propaganda machines were sold to their nation when mum's and dad's signed birth certificates.

tar baby

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