Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spiderman V Batman

[QUOTE=*vampire*;461639]im confused and lost[/QUOTE]

On the left hand is the past that is no longer rewritable that is yes.

The shadow moves from west to east constant day by day for pay.

On the right hand is the future that has yet to be written I guess.

The sun moves from east to west past back lit objective so gray.

Fiction is kind of story telling similar to cowboys and Indians in a piss.

Good guys verses bad guys depending on whether one's law abiding.

If your a Joker, Bat Man is the bad guy just another evil Indian: hiss.

If your Robin your one of the "GOOD GUYS" to all citizens law abiding.

Spiderman verses Batman, bats crush, eat spiders as midnight snacks.

Super hero's to the rescue and daily life lived on the pedestals heroics.

The abyss of the melodrama as Dudley rescues Gwendoline from hacks.

Charging money for rental property left poverty stricken buy neurotics.

Hero verses Villain, the case is up before the judge and jury to witness.

Plank walk over crocodile tears under lights camera behind left witless.

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