Monday, February 14, 2011

Pea Pod

Nice to know your family name dear Gerry?
I have two granddaughters now in smiles.
Peas in pods of negative curvature merry.
Hyperbolic geometry to rescue of a wiles.

Thanks for putting up with my doggerel.
Mathematics, Music, Astronomy,geometry,
Trivium Quadrivium medieval educational
Where too from past to future peasantry?

Strange sideway step from Euclidean.
Academicians verses Lyceamisms plots.
Plato to Aristotle from Pythagorean.
Logic, Grammar and rhetoric eating lots.

Internal cosmos talk to external relatives.
Space Chain waves ethereally derivatives.


kaioraora1. (noun) song of derision, cursing song, venting haka, derision song - an abusive or belittling song of hatred. Ka titongia e Topeora te kaioraora mō ngā rangatira o Ngāti Pou (TTR 1990 wh360).Topeora composed a cursing song, about the chiefs of Ngāti Pou.

2. (stative) be threatening, cursing, menacing. Kei roto te hanga tautoko e pakipaki ana, e umere ana, kei waho te hanga mautohe e kaioraora ana (PK wh73).The supporters were inside clapping and applauding, while outside the protestors were acting menacingly.

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