Saturday, February 12, 2011

Octagonal Space Chain Arguments


Octonions 7 lines that touch each other 3 times wonder what to think?
Brownian Motion or Red Dwarf beginnings playing pool with plane ets?
Easy with spheres but not with triangle shaped h20/co2 or cubic ch4.
Is the speed of light the maximum velocity in a gravitational field or not?
Appears that between two charged plates light speed is a little faster.

Manifold of quintonomic proportions.
Scalar invariancial able propositions.
Voluminous experiential dimensional.
Characterized denotations irrationals.
Snowflakes flying through a whirlwind.
Blown up bubbles perspective to wind.
Time of motion studies as economical.
Metaphysics normalize it's astronomical.
Epistemology E.I.E.I.O foot soldiar's too.
Ontological study of being with you two.
Teleological stars stare from television.
Materialism as mental moving a vision.
Super symmetrical real complex number.
Super Man ends at the rainbow centre.

To hold the view of x,y,z,t involves four dimensions of volume as JUSTICE.
Sliders on a scale from off to on from black to white as shades of RGB.
Hamilton's story and time was 1842 and Social Change has angelic wings.
Miller-ism sectioned off Baptist Church to The Bab and Bahia beginnings.
The complex plane became a complex volume to Hamilton's understanding.
Juliabrot is a four dimensional manifold space which one can fly through.
Each point of Mandelbrot identifies section of Julia Set: IS 5 dimensional.
Then we reach the point of no return which identifies the strange abyss.
Quintonomics and the super symmetry of numerical space and quantifiers.
Sorry about that neologism but it is a necessary condition for economy.
I know you love three but we are forced to deal with a complex volume.

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