Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts eductive methods

[QUOTE=stonewall50;460859]So being an education minor and hopefully a teacher, it is part of my drive to find better ways to teach. [/QUOTE]

To my mind education ought not be so localized to a nationalistic political for monetary gain agenda. My reading of the "CHILD" is that some become "MAN" others "WOMAN" this is universal and without fear of contradiction by any faction so composed by "LEADERS".

There is such a thing as a list of items on a list that ought be constantly remembered before any one of "YOU" forms a conclusion to "ACT" since I believe it is so that the past and future were formed as a result of decisions acted upon. "We are the consequence of our actions" as dictated to you in the personal plural sense. We is not the U.S. or Au or any x,y and z of the nations, states and cities of this world. It is US who are "MEN" and "WOMEN" who once were "CHILDREN" generated from a "MAN" and a "WOMAN" called "MOTHER" and "FATHER" which is common to "ALL" not "SOME" . My interests lie only in an all inclusive agenda.

Via division of purpose is held the principle of "DIVIDE and RULE" one gets two parties and has them compete with each other for resources then all one has to do is monitor the conflict and arbitrate the discussions. When that fails one goes to war at the national level, legislation at the state level and civil riots at the city level. At the state level remains some hope for the problem and then only when the administration complies with the legislation. Which is why I subscribe to the principal "KINGDOM OF GOD".

Mind, heart, soul and strength are not very well understood terms till one views them in the context of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These terms commonly used by motivational speakers at trade seminars are generally applied on an individual level for the participants to earn more money and become instant millionaires. Teachers in schools have been placed there for pretty much the same reason. Find an exception to that and surprise me?

Mind, heart soul and strength are the domain of pure worship not of mammon but of God. Love your neighbor as yourself does not mean to rob him blind now does it? Agape is the love of principal and in the application of principle one infers an outcome from the application of the said principle and forms a general conclusion as to what pathway leads to a successful outcome. Edison saw 10,000 light bulbs that did not work before he found one that did is one way of looking at trial by error.

I have a very good friend who spent many years as a teacher and headmaster of schools here in oz. He thinks that being a good teacher is a gift. In teaching vulgar fractions he took the kids to a see saw where he had a big kid and a little kid outweigh each other. It is possible for the little kid to beat the big kid. 1/2 the distance for the big kid doubles the weight of the little kid. On and on the sequence goes simply by adding more kids.

But regardless of that, academic achievement relies on memory of things that are connected and the sequence that connected things fall into is the pattern. It is one thing to tell a person how to do a job it is another thing for them to do it. At present the system is little better than the jinglish that tells you how to use a remote control or put a flat pack together. Most kids pick it up without even reading the instructions and find out for themselves what works, does not work by trial and error. The role of the teacher then is to monitor them so they do not kill/hurt themselves in the process or kill/hurt other kids or for that matter the teacher.

The history of education in medieval times gave us the word trivia from the word trivium (read quadrivium as well) which gave each student a through grounding in logic, grammar and rhetoric. These are the elements to thinking, speaking and acting correctly and ideas lost in the mists of time. What trivial is to the educated it is not trivial to the uneducated who are constantly galumphed by that educated elite in those arts and crafts used craftily sometimes to deceive. I ask the question that when all members direct their attention to helping all to succeed then that is when true love of neighbor will bring the "KINGDOM OF GOD" to earth. No longer will it be possible for any one member to deceive any other member. All will be just by being wise in their use of their power of will and be loving one another not hating one another as is the case at present via present day competitive or combative practice.


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