Friday, December 3, 2010

Some foggeral doggerel

Mostly the problem is censored that is logically incomplete and indeterminable with Gödel and Heisenberg.
“If a messy desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what then is signified by a clean desk.” interrupted Uncle Albert
Bath time for Stan's Daughter Yvonne turned into an embarrassment in public and private sphere’s iceberg.
A knock on the door left baby to drown when she changed routine from showering baby: brought the hurt.
A stitch in time saves nine and some kids have nine lives like a cat of nine tales leaves monstrous stripes!
At least a litre of water exited babies lungs and dead said Shane, dead said Yvonne  and dead said knocker.
But they did not give up till the Ambro’s turned up with all of those technical resuscitator's to family gripes.
Baby survived yet hangs by a thread since organ/brain damage remain an unknown a particular eye socker.
Spelling mistakes to spieling mistakes to be considered if and then and else no communication or intention.
LAW of the NATION verses LAW of GOD in belief relief is the winning hand oops rain on cardboard houses?
What game is here played in memory of logic in speculation in buy/sell practices brought sell/buy tensions.
Analyse parts in form the whole general particular is cryptically hidden in obvious conclusion: life as louses.
It is Friday morning and it is 5:42 and Radio National is playing an episode of the Goons: tragedy is no comedy.
“ We should be freze ed to death” said Min to Eckles error left turn, Stonehenge’s heel stone is no remedy.

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