Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dear trusted friend,

Peter here, sorry about the vacuum concerning knowledge of recent movements: all are actors.
Aesthetics as a PROJECT has proved to be a reasonably lonely kind of affair studying senses.
History of enterprise is centered around the interface existing from private  to public via information.
Julian "Assuage" is the tip of an ICEBERG threatening  the titanic ship of state so check the CARGO.

O.K. there you have it a self centered "OPINION" just being honest in thinking about pain/pleasure.
Feeling my way along a WALL in the DARK searching for strange photon switch's in the aether.
Really just another alien in a land that is not my own in relation to  LAW  and propitiatory sacrifices.
Law exists in the COMMONS as the MEDIUM interface between statute and constitutional LAW.

Color THEORY holds within its BOUNDARIES 4 known dimensions out from KODAK 18% GRAY.
This FACT is OBVIOUS only after the long process of ANALYSIS which requires kingly expertise.
IF you have a spare DESK for one such STUDENT then perhaps will shoot Nerf's at each OTHER?
Else, I my little eye and me WILL have to find another desk with YOUR COMPETITION & not YOU!

I AM just a MAN OF STRAW in relation to the totality of present day cement hick grammarian's.
I do not desire to get in the way of progressive intentions: Will I BE Superb, useful or burnable?

Your trusted friend,
P.S. I am a granddaddy now Alica has a daughter now called Sofia and another  bun in her oven that will be cooked sometime in February. Hope to catch up with you all soon, again, humble apologies for leaving you all in the dark for so long about my movements as an actor on the stage before you. Just another ant in the nest walking the time line like that ant on M.C. Escher's MOBIUS STRIP struggling to pay the BILLS so I can keep the BILL from putting me in prison like you and all the rest.
Well QUACK, QUACK, QUACK if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it must be a DUCK.  So I DUCKED out for a minute by DUCKING out of sight of the NERF GUN? To be is to do at the present.
P.P.S. Sorry I used so many ABSTRACT words in that PROEM kind of RESUME it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT use them since they are SUMMARY WORDS denoting a CLASS OF CONCRETE OBJECTS that each TERM sits at the top of as a SUBJECT HEADING. The HARDWARE/SOFTWARE interface is finally understood. The reason is the cause is the case all members of the human family sit in with prepositions. The distinction is the difference in that I know and you do not at least not yet. Aesthetics is the study of the senses in relation to the judgments and vice versa as near as soul may reckon at this moment.
P.P.S. Congratulations welcome to judgment day. That is a PARADISE where ALL MEMBERS are GOOD JUDGES not SOME as in present day world affairs and statements concerning  politeness. Here comes the JUDGE for a very good cause/case concerning the precedence as ignorance & prejudice. That which leads to GOOD outcomes is evident and same for BAD outcomes. One is either excluded or included in the PARTY. Party is the SET OF MEMBERS INCLUDED opposed to the set of members EXCLUDED. The boundary is the vacuum of space. Gravity sets the limits. We are pinned like butterflies to the ground in the case of interpersonal introspection's. A system with a servo control mechanism is the requirement of a feedback loop. If one is not PRESENT the system is doomed to oscillate into chaos for the simple reason the system is out of control. Takes a lot of WORK to comprehend. Economically we should say thank you for the food on the table because now there are six billion mouths to feed, to cloth,  to work, to play and to shelter from the storm of malcontents growing at an exponential rate.  Members of a community who need the same things you do and since that is so then the economy will grow on account of the fact that in an economy of one there is no other to trade with other than yourself. We therefore are our brothers keepers.

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